August 2022 Luxury Real Estate Report

This summer several trends are making waves. We investigate how they are influencing the market in both the short and long term. Although the market is showing definite signs of slowing down, we discover why the appetite for luxury real estate is far from diminished. 
In this month's report we dive into:
  • Understanding why planning for the long term has become a significant trend and how buyers are leveraging the opportunity of more listings and time to locate their preferred primary or secondary homes.
  • We investigate why second homes continue to see high demand and the opportunities in this type of homeownership.
  • What luxury amenities are in this summer and why are homes that offer more than just the basics seeing increasing interest from affluent buyers. 
  • The affluent are often trend leaders in home design. We discover not only the current palate in vogue but what is driving their decisions. 
The report is a guide to the luxury real estate market in Houston TX and throughout North America.

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