Don’t Leave Money on the Table!

Selling Your Home

Don’t Leave Money on the Table!

Whether it’s a seller, buyer, or balanced market, you want to get the most amount of money from the sale of your home, right?

Here’s the deal.

People base value on a few things, perception, emotion, and logic.

These are a few EASY tips to creating a home that buyers will place a higher value on aka money in your pocket.

PREP.  Book a consultation with a Realtor to walk through your home. We’ll be able to tell you what to fix or freshen up before you list, and do those things!

I’m not talking about major remodeling. Simple things like trimming trees/planting flowers, fresh paint, minor repairs, lighting, clean windows. Buyers will notice.

Dark and dingy doesn’t appeal to the masses AND buyers may perceive that the home isn’t kept up. They’ll perceive more deferred maintenance, that they don’t want.


Whether it’s rearranging furniture or bringing in some accessories and new pieces. What staging does is create spaces where buyers can imagine living. Neutral, inviting, and scaled to size.

On top of that, no pesky distractions, we need to keep the buyers focused on their future life in this home.


Your home is runway-ready, it’s time to show it off. The very first ‘make it or break it’ impression to buyers is ONLINE. Professional (only please!) photos and video.

Blurry, distorted, weird angles (and the ultimate cringe, accidental selfies) are a definite NO.

You have to catch the eye of buyers immediately. That’s when you get showings – that’s when you get offers.

In Person

You’ve done everything right to make your home shine to that right buyer. Now they are ready to see it in person. All the minor fixes, cleaning, staging, and photos are going to pay off now.

They’ll see this home ready for their family. A beautiful, inviting home. A home that’s been well cared for and they see themselves in.

If you’re ready to take the next step, we have your back.

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