Ways to Improve Your Yard Without Planting

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Ways to Improve Your Yard Without Planting

Whether you’re selling your home or you are just hoping to make it a better place to live day-to-day, improving your yard is key. While choosing new foliage options is an obvious way to upgrade, if you want your yard to truly look its best, opt for some fun ways to improve your yard without planting.

Add Mood Lighting
String lights and solar path lights can provide additional visibility—keeping your yard safer at night. While they ensure that guests are less likely to trip, a beautifully lit landscape can also deter would-be criminals from attempting to steal something in secret. Adding lighting is a safety and beautification feature with a relatively low investment. Set the mood for evenings outdoors by picking your favorite outdoor lights.

Ensure Your Yard is for the Birds
Bird feeders add beauty and whimsy to any yard, and attracting birds can make sure that your yard always has entertaining wildlife to view. Hummingbird feeders are easy to hang and refill and are perfect on a porch in front of a window. This will allow you to view the birds enjoying a meal even when you’re indoors.

A trellis or an arch can add vertical interest in a yard without a lot of tall foliage. You can opt to plant a climbing plant or keep the trellis bare eventually. Whatever you choose, a good trellis or arch can add architectural interest and give your landscape an extra pop.

Outdoor Rug
A rug can enhance the comfort and appeal of any setting area, and an outdoor rug can do the same for your yard. Create a space made for entertaining by choosing a colorful option or a muted color with a bold pattern for extra visual appeal. Unlike their traditional counterparts, when properly maintained, outdoor rugs can take the weather, and the grime, so don’t be afraid to create an outdoor space you’d love to entertain at.

Get Ornamental
There are a lot of options for lawn ornaments out there today. You don’t have to decorate your yard with lawn gnomes to ensure it has decorative appeal. Choose between items like outdoor hanging lanterns, metal sculptures, or engraved stepping stones to add a modern decor option to your landscape.

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