Should You Skip the Home Inspection?

Buying Your Home

Should You Skip the Home Inspection?

I say no but read on.

Sure, waiving the inspection is an option. In a hot market, you’re likely trying to get a leg up on competing offers and want yours to be more appealing to the seller. But do you know how risky that is!

Unless you are planning to tear down or have unlimited funds to make repairs, DON’T waive the inspection.

The fact of the matter is, most of the costly issues found during an inspection, are the things we can’t see on the surface.

No matter how good the home looks, undetected problems could mean major bucks for you later. Things like termite damage, foundation issues, faulty wiring, underground plumbing leaks.

Sometimes inspections find only minor things, and that’s par for the course with most homes. But the BIG ticket items are something you want to know about BEFORE you buy the house, right?

The peace of mind you’ll have by knowing what you’re walking into before you buy is worth a lot.

Let’s find options to protect you AND help you get the home.

Here are two ideas:

  1. Line up an inspector early.  Call a couple of inspection companies you’re comfortable using (even while you’re working on the offer). Find out what their time frame is to perform the inspection. You can lower the number of days based on how quickly you can have the inspection and review the report. This means fewer days for the seller to wait.
  2. Consider putting more option money down. The inspection is almost always done during the option period. It’s a defined number of days that allow you to inspect and walk away if needed. If you need the time, show the seller your seriousness by increasing that fee.

Any questions? Shoot me a msg and I’d be happy to discuss!

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